How Huntington Woods and Madison Heights Dental Implants Completely Transform Your Smile

When you're looking for a smile makeover, there are numerous ways to transform the way your teeth look, but the options can be overwhelming! Thankfully, Dr. Gray is here to help. When you visit Restoration Dental for your consultation, we'll sit down and discuss all the best options for your smile and what will give you your desired look.


One of the most popular options is our Huntington Woods and Madison Heights dental implants, a grand transformation that replaces missing teeth and makes your smile looks natural and glowing. This procedure continues to transform and evolve over the years, providing patients of all ages a completely new and healthy smile they may have been missing for years. They're the strongest option available for replacing teeth, a permanent solution that feels, looks, and acts just like your natural teeth. They're cared for just like your surrounding teeth and you're able to go back to your simple, daily routine of brushing, flossing, and visits to Dr. Gray's office.


Facts about Dental Implants

• This restorative procedure is the only option that preserves the natural bone in your jaw and facial area. It'll help stimulate bone growth, since the implant will imitate a natural tooth, causing your surrounding smile to react the same. It allows your smile to be steady, eliminating any shifting to fill in the gap your natural tooth has left behind.


•  In 1951, there were a small group of scientists who were able to successfully place dental implants for patients. These scientists formed the American Academy of Implant Dentistry in order to share their knowledge and dedication to advancing and improving implant dentistry.


• Over three million people in the United States have implants! This number is growing by 500,000 annually.


Who Benefits from Dental Implants?

When patients think of dental implants, they may default the procedure to a senior citizen who have naturally lost their teeth as they age. While this option is available to them, there are countless other patients that can benefit from this advanced service. Whether you were born without a tooth, have had a tooth removed due to injury or decay, or an adolescent with facial growth development, you may benefit from our Madison Heights dental implants.


Dive into the advantages of this procedure as opposed to other alternatives, like dentures and dental bridges:


• Your smile will look great AND feel great: Our dental implants look, feel, fit, and work just like your surrounding natural teeth. They're comfortable and custom-made for your mouth, so you won't have to think about them any differently than the rest of your teeth. Flossing and brushing are done the same way and there is no removal necessary.


• They're made to last for decades: Our dental implants are made to last for years and years with proper care, including at-home routines and the necessary amount of visits to our office. Other common options, like dentures and dental bridges, may need replacement as often as five to 10 years, which is ultimately financially and time consuming.


• They protect and maintain your facial structure and keep your surrounding teeth heavily: Your facial structure will retain, since tooth loss will affect the appearance of your cheeks and jaw. Empty spaces where teeth should be cause the rest of your natural teeth to shift to fill in the gaps, only to compromise the rest of your mouth. Jawbone deterioration occurs, as well, since there is less support to maintain it's proper structure.


Types of Implants

Because everyone's smile is unique, you may not get the type of implant that the next patient gets. Dr. Gray will thoroughly discuss this with you during your consultation to educate you on the types of implants and what will work best for your dental health.


There are two main types of implants, endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants, the most commonly used type of implant, are placed in the jawbone and are typically made of titanium. They're shaped like small screwed that act as the root of the tooth, and a crown will be attached on top of it after the post has healed. Subperiosteal implants are placed under the gums, but above the jawbone. If patients don't have enough healthy natural jawbone structure, they'll typically get this implant type, since the post cannot be properly supported in the jaw.


If your jawbone isn't able to support dental implants, there are several procedures that help rebuild bone and provide a sturdy foundation for the implant. Bone augmentation involves restoring and/or regenerating the bone in your jaw when it's not able to support the implant titanium post. There is also sinus augmentation/elevation, which adds bone below the sinus in cases where the natural bone has deteriorated due to any missing upper back teeth. Finally, there is a ridge expansion, where bone graft material is added to a small space along the top of your jaw if the area isn't wide enough to support dental implants.


We've only scratched the surface and we know you have numerous questions and concerns about our Huntington Woods and Madison Heights dental implants. Simply give Restoration Dental a call at (248) 399-1200 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gray and see how this advanced procedure is the right step towards the smile transformation you've been dreaming of. 

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