See How Your Smile Shines with Our Royal Oak Dental Implants

Who is Eligible for Dental Implants?
Dental implants are an excellent option for almost any smile, but not all people are good candidates for treatment. Our team has created this helpful guide to help you determine if our Royal Oak dental implants are the right option for your dental health needs.
What are dental implants?
Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss that provide patients with a comfortable and secure method of smile restoration. They act just like natural teeth and become part of your facial structure over time. If you have experienced tooth loss or severe dental decay, dental implants provide you with a natural-looking, comfortable, and durable smile.
Implants utilize titanium screws to fuse to your jawbone over time. A porcelain crown attached to the screw that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. This allows patients to eat foods they may have otherwise avoided, speak more clearly, and smile with confidence. 
Who can get dental implants?
Most patients who experience tooth loss or severe dental decay are great candidates for dental implants. However, there are some factors that could interfere with treatment. Patients who have a history of poor oral hygiene or a habit of smoking/chewing tobacco may not be eligible for dental implants. Some people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease also may not be candidates for dental implants because it may interfere with the success of treatment. Certain medications may also have an effect on your oral health and could disqualify you from treatment.
Talk to our team about your health history so that we can make the appropriate recommendations for treatment. Every smile is unique, so we'll help find the right restorative method for your unique dental health needs. 
Will implants require additional procedures?
Some patients require additional procedures to prepare their smile for Royal Oak dental implants. Gum grafting is a process where soft tissue is borrowed from another area of the mouth and placed where your gums require healthy tissue. This is common for patients who have a lot of gum recession or gum disease. Our team will have to treat the gum disease and complete the gum grafting process before dental implants are considered. Your smile will need to be healthy enough to support the implant before we explore further treatment. 
Bone grafting is another procedure that some patients require before a dental implant is implemented into their smile. This is the process in which bone tissue is utilized from another part of the body and inserted into the jaw. This encourages the growth of new bone tissue and provides you with a stable foundation for your new implants. The jaw begins to recede if there is nothing for it to support, like after tooth loss. Bone grafting restartsthe process of having a healthy jawbone for your smile. Talk to our team to find out if you might require additional procedures before receiving dental implants. 
To find out if you are eligible for Royal Oak dental implants, call Restoration Dental at (248) 399-1200 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gray. We'll give your teeth and gums a full examination and make recommendations based on your specific needs. Every smile is unique, so no two people's treatment will be the same. A healthy smile is a happy smile, so call our office today to schedule your next visit. 
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