5 Reasons to Switch to a Family Dentist

Family dentistry is equipped to treat people of all ages, from a child’s first exam to restorative procedures like crowns and bridges. They also offer convenience when it comes to your family’s dental care. Instead of making separate appointments at different offices you can schedule your checkups on the same day at the same clinic. In Huntington Woods, Restoration Dental proudly serves the community by offering the latest dental advances coupled with a soothing office experience. If you’re currently seeing a general dentist, the following are a few good reasons to make the switch.


Establishes a Relationship With Your Dentist

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A lot of kids have fears about visiting the dentist or dental care in general. If these fears aren’t properly addressed, a child could face a lifetime of oral health issues, including cavities and gum disease. Establishing a relationship with a dentist from the first exam is a great way to eliminate these fears. Your child will grow to trust your dentist throughout the different phases of his or her life, from the preschool years to adolescence to adulthood. Children are also more likely to bring up any concerns or issues they have with their oral health when they have a trusting relationship with their dental team.


Creates a Dental History

When you move from dentist to dentist important information could get lost in the shuffle. For instance, if you have a history of cavities your new dentist will need to know to properly tailor your treatment regimen to your needs. Your dentist will also need access to x-rays and other records, and it can be tough to convey this information from office to office. When all of your dental care takes place at the same office, your entire oral health history will be readily accessible. This boosts the level of care you’ll receive while also potentially preventing any serious conditions or issues.


Maximum Convenience

Scheduling dental exams between numerous other obligations can be tough. If your kids play sports or participate in extracurricular activities, making and keeping appointments may seem all but impossible. When you factor in your own dental care needs, it’s likely that checkups will lapse as you try to find time in your busy schedule. When your family visits the same dentist, appointment scheduling becomes much easier. That way you won’t have to worry about missed appointments or squeezing visits in on days when your schedule is already hopelessly full.


Sets a Good Example

Whether you like it or not, your kids will follow your lead throughout life. This is especially true when it comes to dental care, as your behavior can have a significant impact on your children. If you’re reluctant to keep dental appointments, or careless about at-home care, you can bet your kids will pick on these behaviors. Conversely, visiting a family dentist together shows your kids your commitment to optimum oral health. It will also show that there is nothing to be afraid when visiting the dentist, particularly when it comes to routine exams and teeth cleanings.


Access to Many Services

General dentists often have specialties. When your dental needs deviate from what is offered you’ll need to look for other dentists that offer those services. Visiting different dental professionals is often complicated. First, you’ll need to find a provider that is included in your insurance plan. Next, you’ll need to schedule an initial visit, which could take some time. All the while your dental health will suffer because you can’t get the treatment you need when you need it. With family dental services, all of your needs will be met in one place.

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