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Restoration Dental is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of smiles in the Royal Oak community and beyond! Our team offers a wide variety of treatments to help improve the smiles of people throughout our area, no matter how big or small their dental health issue might be. Dental and oral health is directly connected to your overall wellness, so it's essential to take proper care of your teeth and gums.
Dr. Gray is proud to serve as your Royal Oak MI dentist and the surrounding areas by providing exceptional service and quality dental treatments. Call our office today at (248) 399-1200 to schedule your next visit with us!
Customized Dental Care
No two smiles are the same, so dental care needs to be unique to each individual patient. The best way to treat a serious dental health issue is to prevent one from occurring in the first place, so proactive dental care is essential. Every smile needs frequent brushing, flossing, fluoride treatment, and visits to our dental office. These are the very basic building blocks to having the healthiest smile possible.
However, even the most cared for smiles are at risk of developing gum disease and dental decay. Plaque and tartar buildup can only be removed by Dr. Gray, so it's important that you visit our Royal Oak dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning. This also gives our team the opportunity to really examine your teeth and gums to detect any underlying oral health concerns that you might not be aware of. Visiting our office allows you to check-in and talk about your oral health risks and any specific treatments that your smile requires, so be sure to stay up-to-date with your dental cleanings!
The Dental Treatments You Need
Our team currently offers services in general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and oral surgery. We treat a wide variety of dental health issues, no matter how big or small they might be! Our experienced and talented team of dental professionals are dedicated to treating smiles throughout the Royal Oak community and beyond. Whether you need to treat a dental health issue or if you would like to adjust a smile insecurity you might have, our team is here to help! 
Transform Your Smile
Our office provides dental treatments to provide patients with a total smile makeover. Patients that have experienced tooth loss may be interested in one of our restorative dental treatments. Dental implants can completely transform a smile and boost a patient’s confidence. Dental implants act just like natural teeth because they fuse to your jaw overtime. These implants provide patients with a strong, durable, and beautiful new smile that is completely functional.
If you’re looking for a more subtle smile update, consider teeth whitening! Professional teeth whitening lifts discoloration by about eight to ten shades in as little as one hour. Your Royal Oak dentist helps you feel more confident in your smile with just one simple treatment! 
Call our office today at (248) 399-1200 to schedule your next visit to Restoration Dental! Our team is so proud to serve Royal Oak and beyond. Whether you need to address a dental health issue or if you want a full smile transformation, we are here to help you get the smile you deserve! 
Staying Current
When choosing a dentist in Royal Oak, Berkley, or Huntington Woods, it's important to make sure they stay current with new procedures and technology as the dental industry evolves. Our team stays up to date by attending lectures, conferences, and reading industry literature. This helps us provide our patients with the most up to date information and options. Additionally, we ensure that our dental office is equipped with the latest in dental technology.
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